Dog Grooming Classes – Online & Hands-On Training Programs

As a pet lover, it’s easy to want to take your passion a step further by learning about grooming and pet care. If this defines your situation, we’ve offered valuable tips on the best available online dog grooming courses you can enroll in.

These include online and hands-on options to ensure something for everyone.

Online Dog Grooming Classes & Practical Training Programs

The best dog grooming courses provide hands-on training by professional dog groomers, provide a grooming toolkit, provide pet CPR and first aid certification, and offer student support.

You also get certified at the end of the training program.

  • Choosing a Dog Grooming Course

Before choosing a dog grooming course, it’s essential to consider several factors, including having access to instructors when there are questions.

Other considerations include knowing your learning style. This gives you an idea of whether or not learning online or in person will be more acceptable.

Course plans and payment should also be clear to you and must never be complicated. Is online learning right for you? This is a question you’ll need to provide answers to.

It would be best if you only went with industry professionals with sufficient experience in the area.

More importantly, it’s necessary to commit the time to research available dog training programs. There are many programs; however, you must ensure that what they offer aligns with your needs.

Start by comparing these programs to determine what’s best for you.

Pros of Attending a Dog Grooming Program

In your desire to become a dog groomer, enrolling in a dog grooming course offers you a variety of benefits and knowledge relevant to achieving your objectives.

The training process equips you with a wide range of soft and technical skills relevant to the job.

Examples of skills earned include patience, a better understanding of dog behavior, and a passion for animals.

Others include attention to detail, analytical, communication, active listening, strong interpersonal skills, and knowledge of different dog breeds and their likely needs.

Additional skills gained include precision, excellent eye-hand coordination as well as customer service skills.

Also, during your training as a dog groomer, specific courses are essential. These include a dog grooming certificate, certificate III in pet grooming, and certificate II in animal care.

Others include certificate III in animal care services and certificate III in animal studies.

While these courses are essential during training, it’s important to understand that formal qualifications aren’t necessary to be hired as a dog groomer.

Best Dog Grooming Courses Online

Searching dog grooming courses on any web browser will bring up many results. However, not all of these will meet your desire for quality training.

Some of the best online dog grooming courses to consider include Penn Foster College and Coastal Groomadog Academy.

More online courses include JKL grooming, Online Grooming School, and Basics and Beyond. Let’s have a brief look at what these courses offer.

i. Penn Foster College

This dog grooming course gives detailed insight into the grooming process that equips you to handle pets professionally and to train you in customer service, amongst others.

This training course is regionally and nationally accredited, giving you wider recognition.

Starting at $499, this dog grooming course offers certification while providing beneficial resources that enable you to find a dog grooming position after your training.

There are also resources for students wishing to start their grooming businesses.

ii. Coastal Groomadog Academy

The Coastal Groomadog Academy is another program you should consider when looking for online dog grooming courses.

While this program may attract significantly higher fees than similar types, its courses are customizable and offered in person.

Here critical areas in dog grooming are covered, including the basics, the business aspects, and advanced pet grooming techniques.

Overall, this course should be exceptionally detailed in guiding what to start.

iii. JKL Grooming

At JKL grooming, you can choose between a dog grooming diploma or a certificate.

Each of these programs has the unique needs of students with varying interests, such as starting their grooming business or getting certification.

While dog grooming is covered in detail, the course also protects other animals like horses. This gives you more comprehensive knowledge, thus broadening your horizon.

iv. Online Grooming School

This is one of the cheapest yet most effective dogs grooming courses. It offers you the convenience you need in choosing what serves your need best.

Speaking of options, students can choose between streaming this course online or receiving 20 course DVDs inclusive of reading & test materials.

At the end of the course, two certifications are issued: Pet Groomer and Pet Hygienist credentials.

v. Basics and Beyond

Whatever your goals are, this pet grooming course helps you achieve them.

Starting from $89 to $252, the program provides thorough animal grooming training lasting from 8 to 12 weeks. It’s an online-only course you can take from wherever you are.

Dog Grooming Hybrid Courses

Having discussed the online dog grooming program option, it’s necessary also to consider hybrid programs. Such courses are offered both online and in person.

The purpose of in-person courses is to provide hands-on training. This tends to be the most comprehensive compared to online-only classes.

A great example of a hands-on dog grooming course in the UK is that offered by Myerscough College.

In this course, practical training is given on how to safely brush out coats, learn correct bathing and drying techniques, clipping and de-shedding, and learn ear cleaning and clipping out pads, nail clipping, and sanitary areas.

Due to its hands-on nature, dogs are provided with practice. This means you won’t need to take your dog for training sessions.

You get the best training from seasoned dog groomers who guide you on basic skills.

Here you have the basics you need to know on dog grooming online and hands-on courses. Based on your needs, you’ll have to find a system that offers all the basics required.