Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover tubal reversal? We won’t say yes or no since there’s so much to review. You’ll find all the facts you need about their coverage as you read.

Before we conclude our discussion, you’ll know whether or not BCBS can cover tubal reversal. Let’s begin by introducing this association.

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay For Tubal Reversal?

Women typically have their organs tied for various purposes at a certain age. However, they might feel like releasing them at some point.

Although this is doable, a tubal reversal can be costly. In addition to having a financial impact, it is physically and mentally taxing.

  • A Brief Overview of Blue Cross Blue Shield

They are known as BCBS and comprise 34 distinct, locally managed, community-based agencies.

More than 170 countries have signed their trademarks. They grant independent businesses the right to use their trademarks in specific geographical areas.

For several years, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) has covered clients medical bills.

Additionally, they render medical aid suited to the demands of the areas where their patients live and work. BCBS works closely with local wellness centers and specialists to offer high-quality, moderately priced treatment.

BCBS is a nonprofit group that offers health insurance to its members. Such funding aid ranges from hospitalization and surgical expenses to other medical expenses.

They also provide healthcare insights through the Health of America Report series and the National BCBS Health Index.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover for Tubal Reversal

Asking if BCBS covers this procedure may not answer whether your plan will pay for it.

But yes, the group of companies may cover this medical procedure. However, you must submit a letter of medical necessity in collaboration with your surgeon.

A different name may be assigned for BCBS Medical Insurance, which covers this treatment in your area.

For instance, Florida calls it Florida Blue. Georgia-BCBS GA, Illinois-Blue Sheld Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, & Wisconsin-Anthem; her states like New Jersey call it Horizon; New York-Anthem; North Carolina BCBS NC; Oklahoma BCBS OK; Pennsylvania-Capital & Highmark; and Utah-Regence.

Therefore, you must visit their official site and check for two things. First, inquire whether BCBS covers tubal reversal in your area.

Secondly, know what name is popular in your state or country. After you’ve finished your research, register to use the insurance this group offers to cover this procedure.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Provide Coverage For Tubal Ligation?

A tubal ligation is a procedure to reconnect a surgically severed or obstructed fallopian tube to restore fertility. It is good to ask if BCBS will pay for this procedure’s cost. But the response is in the affirmative.

BCBS does provide insurance coverage for tubal ligation.

You must be aware of the laws that govern this coverage, though. Before Blue Cross Blue Shield may provide coverage, tubal ligation must be backed by medical documentation.

For instance, your doctor must recommend the procedure as medically required. You can then receive assistance from BCBS. Prior approval age are further restrictions.

Other Insurance that Cover for Tubal Reversal

If you cannot access BCBS coverage for this procedure, don’t worry. You can explore other alternatives to lower the cost of this procedure.

They include Medicaid, The Aetna Company, United Health Care (UHC), Cigna, and Kaiser Perinate. Let’s review these alternatives separately.

  • Medicaid

Happily, Medicaid can cover the cost of this treatment.

However, you must anticipate that they won’t pay for the fees of the initial surgery. You must present a sufficient medical justification before being eligible for Medicaid funding for a tubal reversal.

In such an instance, you and your surgeon must work together to create and submit a letter of necessity.

Submissions should be made to the Medicare care organization that administers the plan in your state.

You can also get your tubes untied with Medicaid, plus pregnancy ultrasounds, labor, prenatal care, and delivery. It would be best if you didn’t count on any help associated with surgery to restore fertility.

  • The Aetna Company

This business serves more than fifty U.S. states.

Their insurance policy might provide coverage for this procedure. Your underlying reasons for infertility can also be identified and treated through various diagnostic infertility services.

However, the FDA opposes tubal ligation reversal if each partner has undergone elective sterilization.

  • The United Health Care (UHC)

You can also trust this charitable group to pay for the cost of your treatment. They assist those with low incomes, unresolved needs, or obstacles to paying for their hospital care.

The United Health Group division supervises the agency’s operations as one of the largest single carriers in the U.S.

In addition to tubal reversal, the organization also pays for tubal ligation. You only need to enroll in their insurance program. You gain from the advantages offered by their schedule when the time is right.

  • Cigna Kaiser Perinate

Are you a California resident?

Your inability to pay for the cost of this procedure is no problem. This healthcare business is nonprofit and is based mainly in California. They want to assist Californians in meeting their financial demands.

They also pay for IVF in addition to tubal reversal.

Getting Insurance to Cover a Tubal Reversal

Every woman who needs financial assistance to afford this procedure must understand how to obtain insurance to cover the cost of her care.

Nowadays, the majority of insurance plans only cover procedures that are deemed medically necessary.

You must, therefore, request that your clinic classify the testing as medically necessary. These include pre-operative bloodwork and ultrasound procedures.

Similarly, you can seek other nonprofit agencies for insurance for this treatment in your area. Unfortunately, most women aren’t eligible for insurance to cover their bills.

That’s because their condition isn’t considered medically critical. So, non-charitable organizations will be an excellent option for them.

Have we answered your question? Yes. As you can see, Blue Cover Blue Shield can cover tubal reversal and tubal ligation reversal.

However, this is optional, as the surgeon must consider your condition medically critical. You can also see that, besides this group, other insurance companies may cover such healthcare bills.