Can a medical assistant take the LPN exam?

This is the question we intend to provide answers to. During the discussion, alll of your questions will be fully resolved.

Becoming a certified medical assistant involves taking all k nds of exams. These are aimed at assessing your preparedness and grasp of fundamental principles and concepts of your chosen profession.

Depending on type exam type, different areas or topics are covered.

In this article, the objective is to answer pressing questions asked by young professionals pursuing a career in medical assisting.

Irrespective of Type, Medical Assistant Exams Cover a Wide Range of Topics

During medical assistant training, several courses ar  covered. Each course includes different topics relevant to your training.

These include medical terminology, communication, anatomy & physiology, professionalism, psychology, and records management.

More topics include medical guidelines & requirements, computer concepts, data entry, equipment, medical ethics, patient education, and  surance.

Medical law, human relations, asepsis, finance & bookkeeping, are more topics covered during training.

Still likely areas to be examined our topics like EKG monitoring, office administration, phlebotomy, medical procedures, and pharmacology.

While all these are necessary, it doesn’t answer the main  uestion. The following section gets into specifics by providing these answers.

Are Medical Assistants Allowed to Take the LPN Exam?

To provide a straightforward answer, yes,  hey are.

One of the likely reasons for that is that the duties of medical assistants and licensed practical nurses are pretty similar. However, this isn’t enough explanation as to why they’re allowed to take the L N exams.

Read on for such details.

  • Providing an Overview

Before getting into specifics, you may wish to have an idea of what the LPN program  s about. First off, LPN stands for Licensed Practic l Nurse.

Joining such a program enables candidates to gain practical experience and attain their objective of obtaining applicable nursing licensure.

  • Why Medical Assistants Take the LPN Exam

To better understand why medical assistants are allowed to take the LPN exam, you only need to look at the objectives and philosophy of the program.

Speaking of the program objectives, this seeks to provide students with appropriate didactic theory and hands-on skills required for their careers.

These are helpful to medical assistants and make them functio  better. Sitting for the exam will test if the student has gained critical skills applicable to his daily work routine.

The result is a more effective and impactful career.

Medical Assistant to LPN Programs

It’s not uncommon to find medical professionals switching to a relat d field.

The reasons for that are qu te many. One of the most common reasons is perceived opportunities, including p y scale.

It’s no secret that LPNs earn higher than medical assistants.

Irrespective of your motivations, the switch from MA to LPN is  ossible. Of course, you’ll have to attend the program and take the exam to qualify.

While programs differ, general entry requirements are similar.

Such requirements include completing your medical assistant program, and having proof of work experience as a medical a sistant.

Background checks, transcripts, CPR certification,, proof of immunization,, and physical examination are additional requirements for getting into the LPN program.

When making the switch, the length of LPN coursework is signifevidencely reduced or s ortened. The reason is simple; medical assistants can transfer several credits worth of courses to the LPN program.

MA Sitting for the LPN Exam Follows Completion of Coursework

Having successfully switched from MA to LPN, the LPN program usually runs as every other LPN  rograms. Program topics mentioned earlier are covered in detail, with the end goal being to equip students with all the skills required

What more? You also get to undergo clinical training, where you get the necessary experiences required for actu l practice.

After the program, you get to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

Being eligible for employment and practice is hinged upon passin  this exam. Does the mode of study affect your ability to take the LPN exam as a medica  assistant? Not at all! While study modes include in-person, hybrid, and online, all of these, irrespective of type, allow you to sit for the exam.

Passing the LPN Exam

Passing the LPN exam requires adequate preparation o  your part. Part of this includes the completing an accredited certificate program from a school dedicated to providing the needed knowledge and skills.

You also need to follow NCLEX-PN study guides while reviewing practice questions. These study guides focus on standard formats, questions as well as the content.

Your preparation can also be boosted by gaining a critical understanding of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) testing process and format.

A review of program coursework, classroom notes, and textbooks, is vital to achieving your training objectives  What more? Joining or organizing a study group can be of great help.

Such study groups help with information sharing, study tips, and knowledge testing.

Failing the LPN Exam

Like the possibility of passing the LPN exam, inadequate preparation may lead to failing it.

While that is true, failing such an exam isn’t the end, as you can always retake the exam at a later date. Typically, candidates will have to wait for at least 45 days to be able to retake the test.

Compared to re-sitting for the exam, it’s a lot better to strive to pass the LPN exam a  the first try. All you have to do is putting the effort by following the tips pro ided above.

Having aced the test, you can proceed to the next career stage.

Do Your Research

While the information provided here will prove helpful, it’s essential to make your findings. This helps you determine what applies to your  ituation.

The objective is to have complete understanding of what’s needed to prepare adequately for your exam.

Having answered the above question, you’re left to proceed with preparations for taking  he exams. Get as much help as you can to pass the exams smoothly.