Best Colleges Offering Athletic Training Degree Programs

Are you looking for some of the best athletic training programs?

You’re not alone, as lots of people carry out research to identify such programs. To make your search much more accessible, we’ve identified some of the best athletic training programs to pick from.

Accredited Athletic Training Programs

These are available at undergraduate and graduate levels, with some having online options. You can identify what’s best for your needs with the proper knowledge.

It’s important to state that this isn’t a comprehensive list of all top-rated athletic training programs, as we’ve only covered a few.

  • Entry Requirements for Athletic Training Programs

Persons pursuing a master’s degree in athletic training must follow or meet a set of requirements.

While that is true, requirements may be similar but vary based on the program. Specifically, specific needs may be unique to the program being applied.

The primary application requirement for such a program consists of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university.

Also, athletic programs may require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from an undergraduate degree. Three letters of recommendation will also be required.

What more? Your statement will need to describe why you chose the program while explaining your overall preparation for the selected field of study you’re applying to.

Your motivation to attend graduate school and a description of why you applied to the program should be added to the personal statement.

Best Athletic Training Programs

Some programs will suit such needs if you wish to attend a full or part-time program or take online classes. The objective is to find or identify these programs.

Here, we’ve added some of the best athletic training programs to consider.

  • Colleges with Athletic Training Programs

Examples include those offered by the University of South Florida, Ohio State University, University of South Carolina, and Kent State University.

Others include Oregon State University, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the University of Houston, the University of Delaware, Ohio University, etc.

i. University of South Florida

The University of South Florida’s School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers professional athletic training where students gain clinical experiences and inter-professional education within medical, physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, and nursing programs.

Athletic training students are guided through integrating evidence-based medicine while developing critical thinking skills to promote exceptional healthcare.

To apply to the program, you’ll need to create an ATCAS account and follow the directions to complete the application.

This will include transcript submission for verification, recommendation letters, personal statement, and GRE scores.

ii. Ohio State University

Ohio State University’s School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences offers masters of athletic training. The Commission accredits this program on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

With a master’s degree in athletic training, you become eligible to take the Board of Certification (BOC) Athletic Trainer Exam. Successful completion leads to the award of an ATC professional credential.

Admission criteria include a 3.0 minimum GPA, two letters of recommendation, and completion of an athletic training clinical observation, including submission of the clinical observation evaluation form.

iii. University of South Carolina

The Arnold School of Public Health offers two graduate degree options in athletic training. These include the Masters of Science in Athletic Training and the Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training.

The latter is ideal for already-certified athletic trainers seeking to advance their careers.

Requirements for admission will depend on the type of degree you choose. You’ll need to learn more about that by visiting its admission site.

iv. Oregon State University

Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences offers athletic training programs at the master’s degree level.

Being a complete accredited program, it prepares you for an illustrious career in various settings that include corporate & industrial as well as colleges & universities.

With such an advanced degree, you can also work in professional sports teams, high schools, physician’s offices & hospitals, and sports medicine clinics.

To apply to this program, you’ll need to check its admission requirements. This is likely to be similar to those mentioned earlier.

v. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

A master’s degree in the athletics training program is also available at this university.

Here, rigorous coursework is provided, inclusive of practical and hands-on clinical experiences. Holders of bachelor’s degrees in kinesiology or other allied health-related fields are encouraged to apply.

Other admission requirements include demonstrating completion of prerequisite postsecondary coursework in subjects like exercise physiology and biology.

Others include nutrition, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, physics, and medical terminology.

vi. University of Houston

The Department of Health & Human Performance in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Houston also offers athletic training programs.

By completing this program, you get to work in various settings.

Such settings include physician offices, professional & collegiate sports, fitness centers, secondary & intermediate schools, and occupational backgrounds.

More work settings include sports medicine clinics, hospital ERs and rehab clinics.

vii. University of Delaware

The master’s of science in the athletic training program is a CAATE-accredited program that this school offers.

To apply to this program, you’ll have to meet all its requirements, including transcripts, two letters of recommendation, a resume, and an in-person interview (for those whose applications are chosen for review).

There may be other requirements that may be asked. For these, you’ll need to check the application guidelines to see what’s applicable.

viii. Ohio University

Another top-rated athletic training program you can apply to is that offered by Ohio University’s college of health sciences and professions.

This two-year master’s program earns you a Master of Science degree in athletic training.

CAATE fully accredits the program. Like other programs discussed, this has its set of admission requirements which must be fully met. You’ll need to find out what these are to proceed.

There you go! The above-listed athletic training programs are among the best you’ll find. We’ve briefly touched on them and provided basic information on the program.