In this article, we will focus on 24-hour emergency dental extraction. We’ll start by stating the signs of an oral condition requiring instant extraction.

If we still have time, we’ll outline specific non-urgent tooth symptoms and helpful home remedies. Before we wrap up, we’ll list some 24-hour dental extraction services. Let’s get moving.

24-Hour Emergency Dentist Near Me

Some experts say “most life events don’t happen during regular business hours.”

A dental emergency confirms this. It can hit at any point of the day, and no one will detect its coming. Instead of panicking, it’s time to figure out if there are 24-hour oral health services.

How to Know if You Need Urgent Dental Extraction

Not every oral condition requires emergency care. Before seeking 24-hour urgent tooth extraction, determine if your case warrants such a procedure. Having a tooth extracted is often the last option.

Most dentists advise keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible.

However, certain oral conditions will require the services of an urgent dentist. They include severe pain, bleeding, sudden swelling, food caught between teeth, and a lost filling or crown.

Others are knocked-out teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, oral injuries, broken braces, and toothache. Allow us to review these conditions one by one.

  • Severe Pain

It’s typical to have tooth pain from time to time. But it’s odd to have an intense ache that fails to go away quickly. At this point, your tooth will be instantly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

If you try biting down on the tooth, the pain will increase. Such a situation warrants urgent oral care.

  • Sudden Swelling

Swollen and tender gums are another vital sign of infection inside the tooth. The swelling usually comes with severe pain and knots under the skin.

Such a condition is an urgent issue that ought to be dealt with as soon as possible. Your tooth may call for swift removal based on the extent of the ailment.

  • Bleeding

Once you notice your tooth bleeding out, seek urgent oral treatment. Do the same thing if bleeding arises from your tongue, gums, or tender tissue inside your mouth.

Your oral surgeon may transfer you to an urgent care clinic or hospital, contingent on the extent of the blood loss. You can also visit any 24-hour critical dental facility near you.

  • Broken Brace

For those wearing braces, you can consider calling emergency dental care if you experience broken wires, bands, or brackets. Your brace can get broken while eating the wrong food or brushing your teeth vigorously.

Don’t try to fix a broken mount yourself because it can lead to severe damage. Orthodontists are often trained to fix loose brackets, bands, protruding wires, or spacers.

  • Food Caught Between Teeth

Sometimes, food particles can get caught in your teeth. Such an event is also considered urgent but may not look like an emergency.

If these particles are left untreated, they can become very painful quickly. They can also lead to infection, which might call for immediate extraction.

  • Knock Out Tooth

It is vital to see a dentist soon if you have a broken or knocked-out tooth. You shouldn’t overlook this problematic situation. The crown can support the tooth while it is in your palm.

But before moving the tooth, give it a short wash with water. Bite down on a clean handkerchief to keep the broken tooth in place.

But if you can’t find your missing tooth, don’t panic. Your dentist will fill the space with a denture, implant, or bridge.

  • Loss of a Filling or Crown

Missing oral restorations, such as fillings or crowns, can result in urgent care.

The tooth underneath the missing restoration can be susceptible to infection or damage once exposed. You can take your lost crown to a dentist because it can be used again.

  • Chipped, cracked tooth

The majority of oral surgeons frequently lament having to treat teeth with chips or cracks.

If such problems are not treated, numerous symptoms may develop. These include discomfort when chewing or exposure to hot or cold meals. You should seek dental care as soon as possible.

Usually, chips or cracks can be fixed by bonding or reattaching the broken fragment. Failure to seek urgent oral care can worsen your condition.

The Best 24 Emergency Dental Extraction Services

There are several urgent oral extraction facilities around the country.

Some prominent ones include Express Dentist, 24-Hour Emergency Dentist, EDS, Gardenbrooke Dental, and The Ultimate Client Experience.

Let’s take a look at them briefly.

  • Express Dentist

This is the true definition of an emergency dental care provider. They are open 24/7 for urgent tooth extractions and other critical oral procedures.

All you have to do is dial their toll-free line to set up a meeting. Don’t worry; their offerings are cheap and offer superb oral care.

Express Dental has partnered with hundreds of leading oral care providers nationwide. This is to ensure you get the top-level tooth care you need.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Dentist 

Are you looking for a reputable urgent oral care service provider?

Then a 24-Hour Emergency Dentist is right for you. They’ve been providing same-day tooth extractions for over 18 years. New and existing patients may skip signing up to enjoy their services.

You can also book an appointment for tooth extraction at any hour of the day. They have well-trained dentists and specialists in all their tooth extraction clinics.

You can also get onsite digital X-rays before tooth removal.

  • EDS

EDS offers 24-hour oral care procedures for patients with a variety of emergencies.

These include tooth extraction, chipped or broken teeth, bleeding gums, broken crowns, and oral implants. They have experts who conduct an exam and X-ray before diagnosing any treatment plan.

They also have virtual urgent oral care. You can use it to get instant exams, prescriptions, and diagnoses. Their patient care team will connect you with a 24/7 live dentist via your smartphone or tablet.

  • Gardenbrooke Dental

This dental care facility is open if you need it the most.

You can make urgent appointments from Monday through Sunday at all hours of the day. Besides responding to emergencies, they also offer their services at affordable rates.

You can contact them for urgent care if you experience the following symptoms: severe pain, excessive bleeding, loose braces, wisdom tooth pain, broken dentures, a lost crown, or a chipped tooth.

  • The Ultimate Client Experience

You can count on this facility for your urgent oral needs. They offer a wide range of dental services to keep your smile bright.

Their offerings include cosmetic dentistry, crowns, dentures, oral surgery, and tooth veneers. Others include endodontics & root canals, oral implants, orthodontists, teeth whitening, and extraction.

Unfortunately, the clock isn’t on our side to tell you everything concerning 24-hour emergency dental extraction. However, you can see some conditions that can call for urgent tooth removal.

You can also see some dental facilities that provide such services 24/7. All you need to do is call one of them when needed.