15 Best Physical Therapy Scheduling Software Online

If you’re here to learn about the physical therapy scheduling software, you’ve come to the right spot.

This guide will walk you through various applications or websites where you can set up appointments with your clients. You can also use them to manage and view therapists on one screen.

If you’re ready, let’s kick-off.

Physical Therapy Schedule Software

Scheduling your physical therapy (PT) sessions is crucial when running a practice. There’s software designed to put patient details at your fingertips.

These tools will make it easy to ensure your days are full but manageable. Plus, you can also consistently provide excellent services to all your patients.

There are many platforms you can use to ease your meetings with clients.

Below is some software you can explore. You’re to check their specifications to assist you in selecting the one that will serve you best.

Do you want software that keeps patients on track?

Then opt for Practice Pro’s. Their site is a multi-tasking system that instantly delivers meeting reminders and organized multi-location scheduling.

It will also assist you in handling multiple therapists in one gulp. Plus, you can move and oversee appointments just by dragging and dropping.

This software is regarded as the world’s friendliest online software. You can use it to save time and keep your PT practice organized.

Moreover, the software will let you automate and manage meetings, book appointments, view real-time availability, and pay online without issues.

You can count on this platform for your scheduling needs.

It’s cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant software that allows PTs to manage and grow their businesses quickly. Professionals can use it to book appointments and manage many roles in a salon, spa, or other fitness center.

The software can also track clients with charting, forms, and SOAP notes. It’s available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

This is another magnificent cloud-based club management software.

It’s designed to meet the needs of small to midsize businesses. These include gyms, wellness facilities, fitness and personal training centers, spas, dance schools, yoga studios, and massage centers.

You can use the platform to run your PT practice and grow your revenue seamlessly.

Some tasks you can perform on this site include booking and scheduling, patient and staff management, and integrated payments. You can also do automated marketing, in-depth reporting, and lead management.

If you’re into private practice, you’ll enjoy using this software. It’s designed to simplify your practice by automating daily processes like payment processing, scheduling, and documentation.

The platform can also have options to send paperless intakes, secure messages in the client portal, and connect you with patients from anywhere.

You can operate this software from anywhere around the globe.

Its unique features include unlimited appointment reminders, online meeting requests, insurance claim management, and a simple communication channel for the client portal.

This software can be ideal for small practices and billing companies.

It’s designed to assist physical therapists with various tasks, including scheduling, billing, and marketing. As a PT, you can arrange meetings with patients and send reminders to reduce no-shows.

Other things you can do with this application include confirming insurance, storing patient documents, developing customized reports, collecting processes, and managing delinquent accounts.

You must select a Kareo module, combine modules, and integrate partner offerings to create customized solutions.

You can also add this software to your list. It has a specific functionality that’s designed for physical therapists.

Besides setting up meetings with patients, you can also use it for various purposes. These include managing client intake, clinical charting, revenue circle management, and billing.

There’s also a customizable medical form for e-prescribing, checking real-time patient eligibility, and scheduling tools. In addition to that, you can use the custom templates to stick to the workflows that work for you.

Since most PTs are done in a home, clinical, or outside setting, the portal can allow patients to view their take-home exercises or academic materials.

Physical therapists can also check the progress of clients through this platform.

Don’t hesitate to opt for this PT software. You’ll have access to many tools that can foster the growth of your business.

These include customizable intake and consent forms, meeting reminders, industry-best documentation, online booking, and PT SOAP notes.

Moreover, integrated marketing tools are developed to help your practice run optimally.

  • NueMD

Do you want software to help you face your set rules and difficulties? Then, opt for NueMD. It’s designed to help PTs control their financial health and organize meetings.

Moreover, this platform allows you to submit accurate government and market plan claims. Other uses include billing, taking patient notes, and more.

  • Palau

Choose this software to farewell missed meetings, messy paperwork, and manual booking. It’s designed to make it easier for physical therapists to focus on providing high-quality services to clients.

Therefore, the platform has options to manage early meetings, generate reports, track inventory, and more.

Do you want a flawless, cloud-based healthcare IT solution to enhance patient care?

Then, get this software. It’s designed for physical therapy practices such as scheduling, medical billing, telemedicine, patient portals, and practice management.

Other features include online intake, a patient exercise library, workflows and dashboards, a check-in kiosk, anatomical drawings, mobile readiness, and analytics.

Besides PTs, other clinical staff, such as substance use, community and government health agencies, mental and behavioral health, etc., can use it.

  • Jane

If you want to manage your physical therapy practice easily, think about getting this software. It’s a cloud-based HER with time-saving features like a flexible timetable.

Other exciting features include integrated payments, patient-friendly online booking, electronic charting, and patient-friendly online booking.

Besides the essentials, there are additional features to add to your practices. Among them are online meetings, email reminders, unlimited SMS, friendly support, and waitlist management tools.

Add IntakeQ to your list of the best physical therapy software. It’s a beautiful electronic platform that offers a fantastic onboarding experience while optimizing and streamlining your intake process.

You can also use their powerful practice management options, such as scheduling, meeting trials, payment, and meeting reminders.

Other exciting features are telehealth, invoicing and insurance billing, secure messaging, and affordable pricing. You can also convert existing forms, develop treatment plans, conduct initial assessments, accept credit cards, and more.

There are many more software programs for physical therapists and other clinical providers. Those listed above are just a few.

You can choose any that matches your needs and eases your practices. But before you do that, ensure you learn more about the software you wish to explore.

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